Collagen Studio Association

A General Incorporated Association, aiming to promote the growth and healthy development of collagen studio business.

What is SHIVA Collagen Spa?

Uses light treatment lamp, a trend in the aesthetic industry

At Collagen Studio, we use the combination of the light treatment lamp (visible ray of 633nm) and oil and drink that have been originally developed, charging the nutrition that a body needs

By adding the exercises specially developed:

① blood circulation
② boost metabolism
③ expected to enable beautiful skin

What is “Bi Sai Shin”?

Collaboration of hot studio exercise and collagen

Our key concept is “charge the beauty with exercise”, and Collagen Spa will solve concerns and meet requests that any lady has.

Fusion of “health” and “beauty”

Bi Sai Shin

Massage a whole body including legs, arms, décolletage and stomach, enabling a smooth circulation of blood and lymph, enhancing detox effect and achieving sharp figure.

Items to be Used

– Triple Collagen Massage Lotion

Recommended to people who are suffered from:
– Cold sensitivity, swelling
– Constipation

Collagen Capsule

Vertical collagen machine, Seecret

Wrapped with the shiny light

Beauty maintenance of a whole body made so easy

Dream beauty machine “Seecret”

① Easy aesthetic treatment to bathe in the light only for 20 minutes.

“Resilient, glowing and smooth skin”
“Spotless and wrinkleless, young-looking skin”

② Beautiful body and hair you have dreamed of!

“Improve metabolism and blood circulation”
“Help break down fat and discharge”
“Effective for diet and cellulite treatment”
“Expected to improve heavy stomach, constipation and poor health conditions”
“Improve bounce and resilience of hair, making it shiny”

③ Young, healthy body

Bathe in the visible ray red lamp (collagen shower), secreting happy hormones and sleep hormones, which helps have a deep good sleep, recover from mental fatigue and release stress.

Effects of collagen lamp

Lesson Contents


1. Hot yoga 45 minutes

Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun

Mon → Tone stomach

Wed → Diet

Fri → Improve functions

Sun → Refresh

2. Pole Flash 45 minutes

Tue, Thu, Sat

Tue → Stiff shoulders and neck, recovery

Thu → Pelvis adjustment

Sat → Boost lymph, improve swelling

3. Collagen shower 45 minutes

Detox, relaxation

4. Collagen capsule 20 minutes

Only 20 minutes
From spotted, wrinkled and saggy skin to beautiful smooth skin

5. Bi Sai Shin 60 minutes

Self treatment and massage for a whole body including legs, arms, décolletage, face and stomach.

Prices/ticket system

Collagen Shower




Collagen Capsule Seecret

Whole body treatment for only 20 minutes

Beauty Products

ray: dear Starter Kit

Home use beauty machine, collagen treatment lamp®

[ray: dear] is promoted by Collagen Studio Association

Beauty & Diet HADAKOI

1. Collagen <Effect>
Prevent spots and wrinkles in skin and keep it resilient by taking it with vitamin C.

2. Proteoglycan <Effect>
Moisturization and lubrication in joints

3. Burn fat <Effect>
L-carnitine helps burn fat.

Triple Collagen Massage Lotion

1. 3 kinds of collagen make skin more resilient and moisturized.

2. Include triple hyaluronic acids for “resilient, glowing and firm skin”.

Triple Vitamin Cleansing Gel

Tighten skin with hot cleansing and 3 kinds of vitamins.

ray: dear Point Serum

Triple Vitamin Cleansing Gel

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Shinkawa Building 2F, 1-4-43
Makishi, Naha, Okinawa 900-0013





Operating Hours


Open daily

We have a parking. Please call us for parking information.

14 minutes from Naha Airport to Miebashi Station

2-minute walk from Miebashi Station

1-minute walk from Kokusai Street to Okiei Street

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